[Distutils] [issue99] easy_install does not honour exec-prefix for platform-dependent eggs

Phil Mitchell setuptools at bugs.python.org
Sat Dec 19 07:25:08 CET 2009

New submission from Phil Mitchell <philip.mitchell at gmail.com>:

When running easy_install with a platform-dependent egg on a python installation
whose exec-prefix differs from its prefix, the egg is installed in the
platform-independent site-packages directory.  In some senses, this seems okay
because the egg name contains the platform name, but the easy_install.pth file
only includes the egg from one platform, and if multiple eggs with the same name
(but different platform) are added to the easy_install.pth file, then only the
first will be considered.

This comes up when using a common installation of python on a network share with
different exec-prefix settings for each platform.  This would not be an issue if
easy_install were to install platform-dependent eggs into the platform-specific
site-packages location and set up the easy_install.pth for that location

I am able to set things up this way manually, but it is not quite as "easy" to

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title: easy_install does not honour exec-prefix for platform-dependent eggs

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