[Distutils] Packaging of files, which aren't in the package root folder

Lukas Hetzenecker LuHe at gmx.at
Sun Dec 20 20:44:16 CET 2009

I found a simpler way to do this - Is there any drawback if I try to solve 
this problem using this way:

dist = setup(name='series60-remote',

# HACK! Copy extra files
if dist.have_run.get('install'):
   install = dist.get_command_obj('install')

   # Copy textfiles in site-package directory
   for file in textfiles:
      install.copy_file(file, os.path.join(install.install_lib, app_dir))

   # Copy .sis files on Unix-like systems to /usr/share/series60-remote, on 
Windows systems
   # to PREFIX/site-packages/series60_remote/mobile
   if os.name == 'posix':
      dest = os.path.join(install.install_data, 'share', 
      dest = os.path.join(install.install_lib, app_dir, 'mobile')

   for file in sisfiles:
      install.copy_file(file, dest)

I attached the whole setup.py script too

Thank you for your helpful suggestions,

> No, at least not using public API.
> What you can do is to override the install command (the one which
> knows the computed install prefix), and use it from there. But you
> still cannot control this from the setup.py, that is your command is
> called by distutils, and you don't control it.
> David
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