[Distutils] Python people want CPAN and how the latter came about

Stephen Waterbury waterbug at pangalactic.us
Sat Dec 26 22:17:04 CET 2009

ssteinerX at gmail.com wrote:
> I think that splitting 
> 	> package storage and pointers to off-repository storage (for those who don't upload to PyPI)
> 	> metadata about the stored packages
> 	> tools for creating stored packages
> 	> tools for retrieving stored packages
> 	> tools for installing packages
> would go a long way towards unobfuscating this whole discussion.
> Yes, I'm sure someone will disagree with some fine-point of that
> division but isn't that what  woodshedding is all about?

OT (diction):
Hmm ... I think you meant "bikeshedding" (energetic discussion of
meaningless details) -- "woodshedding" *is* an actual slang term, but
one that originated among musicians, meaning "to practice one's skills
alone" (i.e., to go off to a woodshed where no one can hear you).


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