[Distutils] buildout recipe options

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Mon Jan 5 20:37:19 CET 2009

On Jan 5, 2009, at 2:29 PM, dunia wrote:

> Hi list
> I'm a little bit confused with the buildout configuration files, and  
> i can't find any useful information. I get that every part of the  
> buildout has a recipe and this recipe takes some configuration  
> options. My question is ...how can i know which are those options? I  
> went through the code and found most of them, but not all.

Do you mean, "How do you know which options are available?"

I'll assume yes.

> Maybe this is very simple, i recognize that my knowledge of python  
> is not as good as it should be...yet ;). Anyways, any hint would be  
> useful for me.

You have to rely on the recipe documentation.  Recipes should provide  
documentation that describes how they're used, including what their  
options are.  Many recipes make this available as part of their PYPI  
pages (For example, see http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zc.recipe.deployment) 
. Buildout doesn't provide an API for a recipe to register or declare  
the options it provides.  Perhaps it should. My philosophy has been to  
try make as few demands on recipe authors as possible.  I could see  
some benefit in providing an optional registration mechanism that  
buildout could use if it's present.


Jim Fulton
Zope Corporation

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