[Distutils] let's have a new release of stdeb!

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Tue Jan 20 21:56:54 CET 2009


We've finally gotten the build/test/install process of allmydata.org  
tahoe working smoothly using setuptools.  (Thanks especially to Chris  
Galvan.)  See our buildbot for many details:


Here is the list of dependencies which are automatically satisfied by  
setuptools.  (This list is taken from our Ubuntu Dapper buildslave.)

allmydata-tahoe: 1.2.0-r3452, foolscap: 0.3.2, pycryptopp: 0.5.12,  
zfec: 1.4.4, Twisted: 8.2.0, Nevow: 0.9.32, zope.interface: 3.5.0,  
simplejson: 2.0.7, argparse: 0.8.0, pyOpenSSL: 0.8, pyutil: 1.3.30,  
zbase32: 1.1.1, setuptools: 0.6c10dev

For reference, a year ago many of these couldn't be correctly  
installed by setuptools.

The next step that I would like to take is to automate the production  
of .deb's from setup.py's.  The stdeb tool works fairly well for  
this.  I would be especially pleased if Andrew Straw and Pedro  
Algarvio, the maintainers of stdeb, would release a new version  
including the patch that I submitted to automatically detect debian  
dependencies from setuptools dependencies, using apt-listfiles:


I just looked at the stdeb home page:


and it said:

Call for volunteers
I don't have a lot of time for this. This project stands a very real  
chance of being only a shadow of its potential self unless people  
step up and contribute. There are numerous ways in which people could  
help. In particular, I'd be interested in finding a co-maintainer or  
maintainer if the project generates any interest. Secondarily, I  
would appreciate advice from Debian developers or Ubuntu MOTUs about  
the arcane details of Python packaging.
Please address all questions to the distutils-SIG

So, how about it?


Tahoe, the Least-Authority Filesystem -- http://allmydata.org
store your data: $10/month -- http://allmydata.com/?tracking=zsig

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