[Distutils] Python svn builds

A. Cavallo a.cavallo at mailsnare.com
Mon Jun 1 09:24:43 CEST 2009

the scope for these svn builds is slightly different.

Firstly they are done on a xen virtual machine: this means they are rebuilt as 
in a "fresh" standard distro install.

Buldbot don't do that, normally, so there's no guarantee libraries present on 
the buildbot host are going to be binary compatible with the one installed on 
the destination machine (yes people do tamper their build systems).

Secondly they're mean to be "easily" deployable: in fact the opensuse build 
server provides the yum/yast hosting as well.

In business time is money but for an opensource/freeware developer time is 
life and, as humble contributor, I don't want to waste my time on playing the 
rebuilding game.
I hope to save this time to other as well making possible for everyone to 
focus more on the important things (in life and development).
(IMHO This is one of the main reasons for the never ending "The year of linux 
on the desktop" joke).

Thirdly they're provided with a (simple) smoke test: it will check if the 
binary provides at least a minimum set of modules.

Fourth they're drop in package and won't interfere with normal system 
administration (a fourth important point in my opinion): they can be installed 
side by side with each other and with the system python.

Fifth they use the latest version of the svn python and they can be rebuild 
for any upcoming revision as well.

Sixth sorry for this very long mail,


> Thanks Antonio.  Having RPMs for the trunk is useful.
> It is not well known but you can also build custom versions of Python using
> zc.buildout, which can be run with the system version of Python but use a
> different Python version inside for any or all of the parts.
> My system Python is 2.5 but here is a buildout I use to test stuff with
> 2.4.

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