[Distutils] Python svn builds

A. Cavallo a.cavallo at cavallinux.eu
Fri Jun 12 10:49:07 CEST 2009

Python svn builds (http://pyvm.sourceforge.net) is a project to provide 
python binary builds ready to use.

The main features for these builds are:

+ install under /opt/opt-python-svnXXXXX-2.7a0 (XXXXX is the svn revision)
+ multiple interpreters can be installed side by side 
+ installed in parallel to the system python (administrator friendly)
+ they're build for several different platforms (rpm based)
+ the build host is provided by the OpenSUSE buildserver    
+ the builds can be deployed using yum/yast/urpmi (OpenSUSE buildserver)
+ each build runs a small smoke test and it is unattented
+ the test results are reported

The aim is:

+ implementing a continuous integration practice 
+ to provide python developer with reliable and repeatable builds
+ modules developer can test their modules against the latest python

News for this version:

Few modules (imaging, numpy, pexpect and setuptools) have been added and 
they're build for each interpreter.
These are still in testing but the aim here is to have a full complete build 
chain with a test suite (next step is providing a test driven development).

Download and documentation from:



OpenSUSE buildserver: https://build.opensuse.org

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