[Distutils] SOLVED: bdist_rpm and pre-release python packages / eggs (was: pre-release versioning problems with sdist, bdist_rpm, bdist_debian)

Gerry Reno greno at verizon.net
Fri Mar 13 16:27:20 CET 2009

  'bdist_rpm' is NOT broken.  What is broken is packagers misuse of the 
'version' and 'release' strings.  They do stupid things like put 
version='3.0' and release='rc1' and then wonder why their final release 
cannot update the release candidate.  THIS IS A TRAINING ISSUE.   Their 
poorly planned sequence of release designations is not in lexical 
order.  They should be putting version='3.0' and release='0.rc1' or 
'0_rc1' and then their final release of version='3.0' and release='1'  
WILL update their release candidate.  AGAIN, this is not something that 
is broken with 'bdist_rpm' IT IS A TRAINING ISSUE.   Packagers need to 
understand the importance of lexical ordering when using RPM.  You 
cannot make a patch that outlaws stupidity.

  I vote a big -1 on this patch because it interjects Fedora-specific 
modifications into bdist_rpm.


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