[Distutils] setuptools, other scms, pip?

Bryon Roche kain at kain.org
Sun Mar 29 00:53:46 CET 2009

While watching various things at pycon today, I've started implementing 
support in setuptools for letting package_index.PackageIndex._download_url
() use a pluggable entry point for download handler.

I was asked, 'why not use pip?'  I'm pretty sure this functionality 
belongs in the direct interface to PyPI, which I understand is 
setuptools.  Is this incorrect?

(if interested, I'm publishing my work at git://kain.org/git/setuptools-
dev.git, and http://kain.org/git/setuptools-dev.git/
This is very rough and incomplete at the moment, I intend to also 
implement entry points for approriate version-tagging options for 
generated .eggs)


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