[Distutils] RFC : PEP 376 - egg.info

Tarek Ziadé ziade.tarek at gmail.com
Tue May 5 00:54:26 CEST 2009

On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 7:42 PM, Hanno Schlichting <hannosch at hannosch.eu> wrote:
> Tarek Ziadé wrote:
>> On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 6:12 PM, Floris Bruynooghe
>> <floris.bruynooghe at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ok then, we will have to provide extra documentation to make people
>> understand that the '.egg-info' directory has absolutely nothing to do
>> with egg-the-format
>> but is rather a metadata container.
>> So removing the 'egg' part of 'egg-info' seemed natural to me at this point.
> That seems reasonable to me. Just name it something a little more
> verbose, like pkg-info or metadata or whatever it actually is that it
> contains.
> And since this is such a wonderful bikeshed opportunity, I'd suggest you
> just pick whatever concept-neutral name you personally like the best ;)

Yes that was my point, but I can understand now why it is not the best move


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