[Distutils] [issue89] easy_install silently drop symlinks when auto-extracting tarball source distributions

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Mon Nov 2 02:12:43 CET 2009

P.J. Eby wrote:
> At 12:01 AM 11/2/2009 +0100, Martin v. Löwis wrote:
>> It's actually Jeff Rush who is in charge of this tracker instance.
>> I can't change the setup without him agreeing.
>> So, Jeff, where else should the roundup instance for setuptools send
>> its notifications?
> In over 1 year, there are now a grand total of 89 such messages (at
> most) that have been sent to the list, vs. 5 messages just sent now (6
> when you count this one) discussing whether or not they should continue
> to be sent here.
> So far, there has also only been one complaint or request to change
> this, as far as I'm aware.  (Personally, I like them just fine where
> they are.  Among other things it makes it easy for someone to answer the
> ticket via email, which is one of the reasons I asked for it to be set
> up this way in the first place.)

I'm happy with the existing arrangement - I think sending low-traffic
bug reports to a separate list is a bad idea because few folk will
actually see them.  If the traffic level increases, then we can consider
moving notifications to a separate list hosted at python.org.  With our
own listserver I see no reason to use Google Groups though as there are
people who refuse to get an account there.


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