[Distutils] [issue89] easy_install silently drop symlinks when auto-extracting tarball source distributions

Tarek Ziadé ziade.tarek at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 11:24:52 CET 2009

>> In over 1 year, there are now a grand total of 89 such messages (at
>> most) that have been sent to the list, vs. 5 messages just sent now (6
>> when you count this one) discussing whether or not they should continue
>> to be sent here.

Yes, exactly. Because those are notifications, and have nothing to do on
a human mailing list.

>> So far, there has also only been one complaint or request to change
>> this, as far as I'm aware.
> (Personally, I like them just fine where
>> they are.  Among other things it makes it easy for someone to answer the
>> ticket via email, which is one of the reasons I asked for it to be set
>> up this way in the first place.)

I don't remember you asking in Distutils-SIG to the people if they
were OK with that.

Anyways, that's not the way an issue tracker works. If you want to
answer to issues, you do it in the
tracker itself. That's what you have been doing most of the time IIRC.

You can't follow a discussion on an issue otherwise.

For example, in the Python issue tracker, there's a dedicated ist for
that , but it's just notifications,
and you answer afterwards in the tracker to keep track of it.

> I'm happy with the existing arrangement - I think sending low-traffic
> bug reports to a separate list is a bad idea because few folk will
> actually see them.  If the traffic level increases, then we can consider
> moving notifications to a separate list hosted at python.org.  With our
> own listserver I see no reason to use Google Groups though as there are
> people who refuse to get an account there.

Google group was just a suggestion, a python.org list is fine of course.

But I am wondering : who are those "folk" ? Receiving those
notifications is good when you are the *maintainer*
of the project. Setuptools has one maintainer (Philip), So why not sending these
notifications to his personal email ? I don't think there a lot of
folks that are interested in folllowing
those notifications in here in the first place. And other folks can
registered to this dedicated list.

I don't see any good reason why Setuptools would push notifications
like that in the Distutils-SIG.
(zc.buildout or Distribute don't do that) . Plus, with headers like
"[issue #123] bug"  it looks that this is the Distutils project (we
are on the *Distutils*-SIG).

If the subject can be changed with the word "setuptools" in it, I'll
accomodate with it.


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