[Distutils] [issue89] easy_install silently drop symlinks when auto-extracting tarball source distributions

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Nov 2 11:40:58 CET 2009

> Anyways, that's not the way an issue tracker works. If you want to
> answer to issues, you do it in the
> tracker itself. That's what you have been doing most of the time IIRC.

You may be missing one of the primary strengths of roundup: the ability
to carry out bug discussions (nearly) entirely by email.

> You can't follow a discussion on an issue otherwise.

Sure you can. As soon as you respond by email, you get added to the
nosy list of the issue, which means you'll also get all follow-ups.

> For example, in the Python issue tracker, there's a dedicated ist for
> that , but it's just notifications,
> and you answer afterwards in the tracker to keep track of it.

No no no. Some people use the web interface, some use the email
interface. I'd have to perform exact counting to find out which
one is the majority, however, both are used significantly (my guess
is that committers prefer email; bug submitters use the web interface
because they don't expect email responses to work).

> If the subject can be changed with the word "setuptools" in it, I'll
> accomodate with it.

Did you ask for that specifically because I said it would be difficult
to provide?


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