[Distutils] Content of the .installed.cfg Buildout file

Jonathan Ballet jon at multani.info
Tue Nov 3 14:53:15 CET 2009


I know we are not supposed to have a look at the content of the
file and that buildout managed this by itself, but I took a look at it

I found something, which looks strange at the first glance, and I wondered
if it
can any problem (or if I should _really_ let buildout handle this...). At
end of the file, there are a bunch of lines like this::

installed_develop_eggs =
parts = database i18n test doc ...

(actually, more than thirty). Those which have "parts" have different those
parts in different order each one; there are some with
with a value and some with no value, despite there isn't any more developed
component in the develop option of our configuration file.

So, I wonder: is it normal or not?

Actually, I ask this question, since we had a strange behavior this
there were some components which where still used as developed components,
despite the fact that they have been removed from the buildout
file some hours ago (and some buildout execution latter) (there were still
lying in the develop-eggs/ directory), and I was a bit astonished to find
there were still values in .installed.cfg which referred to those developed



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