[Distutils] People want CPAN :-)

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Sat Nov 7 15:57:07 CET 2009

Am 06.11.09 18:53, schrieb Guido van Rossum:
> I just found this comment on my blog. People have told me this in
> person too, so I believe it is real pain (even if the solution may be
> elusive and the suggested solutions may not work). But I don't know
> how to improve the world. Is the work on distutils-sig going to be
> enough? Or do we need some other kind of work in addition? Do we need
> more than PyPI?
My 2 cents after reading and ignoring the whole thread:

- PyPI provides a good functionality so far

What is annoying about PyPI:

 - some package maintainers have a certain ignorance
   and arrogance by misusing PyPI

   - for uploading packages without or broken metadata
   - for uploading packages of doubtful quality
   - for uploading packages to PyPI as a replacement
     for a private egg server

 - supports too much different versioning schemas. Both
   schema supported by setuptools and the one proposed
   by Tarek in some PEP are totally over-engineered.
   A simple and *enforced* versioning schema is what
   I want to see.

 - no more external hosting of packages. If people
   want their packages listed on Pypi, they should
   be required to upload their packages on PyPI
   (no more issues with non-available external server,
   no more issues with mirroring external servers,
   no more issues with wrong download URLs within
   package metadata)

 - better checks on uploaded packages. A source code
   release should be made using the 'sdist' command.
   We don't need source eggs of a package for
   Python 2.4-2.6 containing Python source code

The solution for a better PyPI:

 - more checks, more restrictions

 - every package maintainer uploading something to PyPI
   should have a certain attitude that PyPI is a public
   resource where the content should met certain
   quality criteria and where each package has
   a certain responsibility to Python community.


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