[Distutils] zc.buildout usage in the real world

kiorky kiorky at cryptelium.net
Fri Nov 27 08:55:59 CET 2009

Alex Rades a écrit :
> Hi,

> Which is very very handy, it handles all my use case in a compact and
> nice way. The minitage.recipe.scripts is nice but is not widely used,

But supported by a company which will do not switch for another recipes.
We deploy on various systems, that's why we created minitage both as sysadmins
and developers efforts.

> so I'm a bit worried about its future and possible breakages. 

We have a tracker, mails & irc and we don't like to have spending bugs for a
long time ;)

You know
> - when you work on a large project you have to think hard about your
> dependencies. It's like getting married.

If minitage is dead, all our current deployments (lot of projects) there will be
in bad shape. Just a word to say that you ll have years to see it dead.

> So the question is: Are there alternative solutions? Am I the only one
> with such needs?
This is not only the way to do, and i told you the alternatives like doing with
That depend on your feelings and habits and use cases.

I like very much both my recipes and mr.developer,
When i need to apply a small change, mostly for upstream approval, i go for
minitage.recipe.scripts. Or for a single patch without hacking, (ZODDB +
RelStorage, for example), i go also for minitage.recipe.scripts.
But for more deeper hacking, i'd go for mr.developer.*

After that, there are much more things in minitage.recipe.* that zc.equivalent,
that i can't do without forking them and that's that i ve done that, some years
ago. Now their code is too much different, and it was not a primary goal too, to
merge back. Specially for minitage integration, even if you are not tied with
minitage by using only the recipes, i don't think the code integrating it
belongs to any zc.recipe.*.

> Thank you
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