[Distutils] Common version-comparison semantics for peace love and harmony

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Sat Nov 28 22:58:19 CET 2009

Ben Finney schrieb:
> Eric Smith <eric at trueblade.com> writes:
>> Ben Finney wrote:
>> > That is, you want me to propose an example version string X. I'm
>> > asking for you to tell me corresponding examples of version strings
>> > W and Y where:
>> >
>> >     W < X < Y
>> >
>> > since the comparison semantics are what we're discussing here.
>> >
>> W = 3.3.0
>> Y = 3.3.1
>> If you're going to suggest or some such
> Yes. Or any version string that would obviously fall between the two.

A specific version comparison scheme will never be obvious to all people
at the same time.  However we can provide one that is obvious to *most*,
and it is not the one you're pushing.

>> I think that won't work. It's important that code sees that as
>> 3.3.1.<something>. I've seen code that fails when the pre-release
>> versions have a different MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO than the final version.
> It's exactly that kind of code that I don't feel needs to be
> accommodated. It's clearly causing ambiguities and contortions, and now
> we talk about needing Python-specific version comparison algorithms in
> order to automate the comparison.

The need for pre/post-release versions is hardly Python-specific.  It is
used by a large fraction of developers in some way or other.

> Why is this worth the trouble, when the standard could simply describe
> obvious-to-everyone version comparison semantics that are far easier for
> everyone to get right?

Very true.  Surely, it will be obvious to everyone that 3.1alpha1 is a
version greater than 3.1.


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