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kiorky kiorky at cryptelium.net
Mon Oct 5 14:35:51 CEST 2009

Even if it s true that it is on package mainteners to fix their code to run on
current underlying python version, there are many chances they won't.
Not to blame themselves, but:

	- How many packages are/had been in bad shape towards setuptools right now
(and i totally dont want to blame those great softwares, dont flame !!!) (PIL,
openerp, reportlab as examples,), this will not be a great surprise that the new
Distutils/Distribute adoption will do the same as python2/python3?

	- How many maintainers / enterprises could not afford the time to port their
softwares, their releasing and maintenance procedures and so on?

	- How many users will be lost in the simple question to how install their

Even if setuptools is broken and of course it is in some way, i think that
totally breaking the compatiblity will make lot of users to leave the boat.

Maintening a compatibility layer, even broken in single cases must be better.
Even if we have to fix that layer time to time.

Note that it would for example be good that those ".recipe.egg" buildout recipes
behave the same as they were before with equal or more things but not less. That
is what i call a good improvement to distribute/distutils.

Tarek Ziadé a écrit :
> On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 5:13 AM, Rakotomandimby Mihamina
> <mihamina at gulfsat.mg> wrote:
>> 10/04/2009 11:23 PM, Tarek Ziadé:
>>> What package exactly ? I am not sure to understand
>> Everything installable with buildout.
>> Example: Plone. I want a debian Plone package.
>> I configure buildout properly, run it with some appropriate options
>> and abracadabra the .deb is there.
>> The same with grok, and so on...
> Ok I see. I know Jim does this with RPMs using zc.resourcerelease.
> I have planned to do it on my side once for debian package using a
> recipe that was
> building the debian tree once the buildout was made, but this work
> was not finished. I can send you what I have if it can help you
> Regards
> Tarek

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