[Distutils] the virtualenv-distribute mess

kiorky kiorky at cryptelium.net
Fri Oct 9 14:03:40 CEST 2009

Hi Chris,

As far as i know, we just give links for power users/developers to know how to
find the actual related repositories.
It s *CLEARLY* specified *IN THE HOMEPAGE METADATA* that the official thing
lives inside florian branch. Those are not 3 forks, but 3 branches or the same
code. And the florian branch is the reference as Linux kernel branch.

And no DVCS is not a mess, this is just a mean to have bugfixes available as
Fast as possible and it's a great way for the original authors to get and merge
those fixes.

AND no, virtualenv must continue to provide setuptools, backward compatibility,
you know?

Chris Withers a écrit :
> kiorky wrote:
>> Hi Lennart,
>> If i read 'virtualenv-distribute on pypi'
>> I can  do some googling or even do some Pypi searching for 
>> 'virtualenv-distribute'.
>> Thus, the first link found may be [1].
>> On this link, the second sentence is:
>> """
>> The fork was started by Philip Jenvey at
>> http://bitbucket.org/pjenvey/virtualenv-distribute/ and this version
>> by Florian
>> Schulze lives at http://bitbucket.org/fschulze/virtualenv-distribute/
> Add http://bitbucket.org/kiorky/virtualenv-distribute/ to the list and
> this, ladies and gentlemen, is why distributed source control sucks.
> Why are there effectively 3 forks on virtualenv now, just to get it to
> use distribute? Is it really so hard to work with Ian Bicking to be the
> real virtualenv using distribute instead of setuptools, especially in
> the way of the bdfl pronouncement?
> Chris

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