[Distutils] dev versions

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Oct 9 15:24:50 CEST 2009

On 12:25 pm, benji at zope.com wrote:
>On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 6:40 PM, Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn <zooko at zooko.com> 
>>What we do in the Tahoe-LAFS project is we don't count down to a 
>>version, we only count up from a past version.  This is also what 
>>does (no coincidence -- we probably got the idea from them).
>To clarify: that means that a beta for 2.0.0 might have a version of

I'm not sure how zooko does this for Tahoe, but with Twisted (with which 
we don't do "betas" but we do do "pre-releases") if we were to start 
getting ready for 2.0.0, then we would create a release branch and 
change the version in that release branch to 2.0.0pre1.  This, of 
course, complicates the matter. :)  I don't think anyone has considered 
how our pre-release version numbers sort compared to the rest of our 
version numbers.  After 2.0.0 final is released, we merge the release 
branch back into trunk, changing the trunk version to 2.0.0-r54321.


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