[Distutils] tracking requested vs dependency installs in PEP 376 metadata

Carl Meyer carl at dirtcircle.com
Fri Oct 9 15:45:27 CEST 2009

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Alex wrote:
> REQUESTED is fine, but I don't understand how the arguments apply, given
> > that I'm not proposing to record information like _which_ package it was
> > a dependency of. The same single bit (literally) of information is
> > tracked either way, it's just a question of whether the presence or
> > absence of a file signifies that bit.
> >
> And what if the package is a dependency for multiple packages?
> Let's say we have packages A and B which are installed separately, in
> that order, and both depend on C.
> C gets installed with information that it was required by A. Now if A is
> uninstalled, won't C also get uninstalled?

No. We are NOT talking about recording the full dependency graph in
package metadata. It is, as has always been the case, up to an uninstall
tool to calculate the depgraph based on actual installed packages at
runtime. A package is "orphaned" iff it was not REQUESTED by the user
AND it is no longer depended on by other installed packages.

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