[Distutils] Problem with distribute and converting tests for python3

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Sun Oct 11 22:19:45 CEST 2009

Firstly thanks to those working on distribute, I had been using 
setuptools but was getting annoyed with it slowly developing (eg. not 
having python3 support, etc), so distribute seems like it is what I am 
looking for.

Any way I am using distribute for one of my packages now (I wanted to 
try and support python3) but have noticed something which doesn't work 
for me. I have my main package sources in one directory and then tests 
in another directory (it makes it easy to separate them out when 
creating a binary package). Now this works fine for python2.x as I can 
include the tests in a source distribution by using MANIFEST.in, but it 
doesn't work for python3 as distribute doesn't seem to run 2to3 on them 
(although they are run by the distribute/setuptools test command in the 
setup.py script).

When I looked at the distribute documentation the example there has the 
tests in a subpackage of the main package.

So my question is, am I structuring my source distribution wrongly, is 
there a better way to do this which would work with distribute? If I 
were to structure my source distribution like the distribute example 
then how do I ensure unit tests aren't included in a binary 
distribution? Is there anyway I can get distribute to pick up my tests 
as I currently have my source distribution structured?

Michael Whapples

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