[Distutils] Setuptools 0.6c10 release imminent; please test

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Oct 13 01:48:38 CEST 2009

At 07:28 PM 10/12/2009 -0400, ssteinerX at gmail.com wrote:
>we must "uninstall Distribute completely" get these fixes.

That's Distribute's doing, not mine.  As I understand it, their 
package includes a 'setuptools' package, and if it's on your 
sys.path, then installing the new version of setuptools will be a 
no-op.  If they hadn't done that, there'd be no problem.  See the 
Distribute documentation.

In any case, the update is not intended for people who are happy to 
have Distribute, but the people who are unhappy about having to 
switch, or deal with its workarounds...  or just wish the whole 
discussion would go away.

>Then suddenly out of the blue

It may appear sudden to you, if you haven't been reading 
Python-Dev.  There's been quite a bit of discussion about an urgent 
bug that Tarek introduced in Python 2.6.3.  It's mainly because of 
that bug that I took the time to go ahead and get a bunch of other 
pending bugs cleaned up and checked in.

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