[Distutils] Distribute and setuptools: what are the differences

David Arnold da4089 at me.com
Tue Oct 13 14:16:28 CEST 2009

On 13/10/2009, at 7:16, Michael Whapples <mwhapples at aim.com> wrote:

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> Hello,
> I realise I may be starting something I would prefer not to (looking  
> at some of the replies of the announcement of setuptools 0.6c10), so  
> I would like to ask that this tries to stay as a factual thing  
> rather than a "having a go at the other".
> As it seems that setuptools is not "dead" just possibly a bit slow  
> at being updated, could I ask what are the aims of the various  
> projects setuptools and distribute (please try and keep this  
> information restricted to your project and what it aims to do)? It  
> would be nice to have this information as at the moment its a bit  
> unclear what either really are trying to offer over the other. I  
> would like to be able to make a fully informed choice on why use one  
> over the other, I feel at the moment this isn't possible.
> I have to say from my view (as a developer of my own packages only  
> using setuptools/distribute to help package my packages) that it  
> currently looks a horrible mess, distribute tries to replace  
> setuptools and does it in such a way that any package which  
> specifically wants setuptools has to use distribute if another  
> package wants it, so not allowing the one which specifically wants  
> setuptools to get the latest setuptools (eg. now or soon it will be  
> setuptools 0.6c10). It is tempting for me to use distutils and  
> create my own custom code to give the features I currently really  
> use from setuptools/distribute until this "mess" has been cleaned  
> up. I know this idea of going a custom route doesn't really help  
> things, but my main concern is my package and if no solution  
> currently can satisfy me it is suitable then unfortunately custom  
> solutions may be the best option for me (I won't support a mess).
> Michael Whapples
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