[Distutils] Future namespace support

kiorky kiorky at cryptelium.net
Wed Oct 14 21:34:32 CEST 2009

Lennart Regebro a écrit :
> 2009/10/14 kiorky <kiorky at cryptelium.net>:
>> As i understood, NS.foo from setuptools can't be imported in NS.bar from pkgutil
>> and vice versa.
> Oh, in the same namespace? Yeah, that could break. Is that a problem?
> Also, pkgutil doesn't know about setuptools, so possibly that breaks,
> but its' definitely possible to import a pkgutil namespace from a
> setuptools namespace (at least different namespaces). The new function
> obviously knows about both pkgutil and setuptools and could therefore
> make sure it's compatible.

In the context of migration, for example.
Take the plone "collective" namespace, all the modules won't be updated at the
same time, we will have a painful cohabitation time. And yes, i have nothing
toward any new implementation, i just want compatibility on basic things.

> If it wasn't, it would be completely useless.
>> You can't ask everyone to repackage/adapt their existing stuff because of your
>> whims.
> Obviously.
>> Nowodays, lot of packages use setuptools's namespaces, i want them to just work.
> I see no reason that they should not continue to work.
Choose to go on that new stuff that is not backward compatible.

>> At the moment, the only thing i see is that distribute break many things in many
>> places without any sense of backward compatibility for 0.7.
> Don't worry about vapourware.

I ve heard that before. Hay, Tarek, go out that body ! Yep, i know, but these
are point that we must keep in mind before the new implementation prevent us
from providing bits of backward compatibility.

>> That's not an answer, that's not viable.
> Yes it is. Again: This is backwards compatibility for the package that
> sets up the namespace we are talking about here. Not other packages
> that doesn't know anything about Distutils. Nobody is proposing that
> we break all namespace packages in existance. Neither Tarek nor Martin
> is that stupid. Have some trust in people. :-)

I don't trust anyone, even not me. But, i am sure we are a smart people who will
provide great stuff in near future. Nevertheless, i can only submit ideas as
contributions for the moment as i have only limited extra-time :(

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