[Distutils] Future namespace support

kiorky kiorky at cryptelium.net
Wed Oct 14 22:40:37 CEST 2009

P.J. Eby a écrit :
> At 06:46 PM 10/14/2009 +0200, kiorky wrote:
>> As i understood, NS.foo from setuptools can't be imported in NS.bar
>> from pkgutil
>> and vice versa.
> Not so.  The true implementation of nsp's is in __path__, which is
> provided by Python's import libraries, not setuptools or pkgutil.
Ok, fine.
But, it's the two machineries make that __path__ feeded, isn't it?
When mixing packages that use pkgutil and setuptools, in a package which is just
using one of the twice mecanisms, i'll not have the __path__ with the 2 packages
inside ?

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