[Distutils] buildout's tests fail for me

Reinout van Rees reinout at vanrees.org
Tue Sep 1 09:42:28 CEST 2009

I've made a reasonable number of recipes and there's one thing in buildout
that I want to fix.  In order to fix it, I need to be able to run the tests,
of course.  But the tests fail for me.  Tens of them.  (I've posted about this

The kind of errors you get:

    -  zc.buildout.egg
    -  setuptools.egg-link
    -  zc.buildout.egg

As far as I can see, there's one root cause for all of them: setuptools is
detected as a development egg on line 346 of buildout.py.  There was at least
one other developer that was plagued by exact the same problem.  He was on
linux, I'm on osx.  So it is not specifically os-dependent.

I've tried installing setuptools (globally) in several ways.  Whether I use
macport's version or the downloaded setuptools egg: no difference.


- Is this a known issue?

- Is this something I really should fix in my own setup?

- Is there a known fix that can be applied to the test setup?

I'd really like to contribute :-)


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