[Distutils] [buildout] recipes useful to setup a whole machine

kiorky kiorky at cryptelium.net
Sat Sep 19 13:29:31 CEST 2009

Hi Chris,

You can have a look to minitage (http://minitage.org/).
Minitage have 3 main parts:
* package and dependencies management and isolation (minitage.core)
	- construct and manage softwares in total isolation from the host and
	  thus, platform independant (unix) (libxml, postgres, python & so on.)
* paster templates (minitage.paste & minitage.paste.extras)
	- Projects templates (plone3, django, etc.)
	- Instances intialization (postgresql, mysql, openldap, varnish, CAS (tomcat)...)
* The buildout recipes:
	- minitage.recipe
		- assembler package
	- minitage.recipe.common
		- abstract recipe for the other recipes
	- minitage.recipe.cmmi
		- compile & assemble stuff using the CMMI dance
	- minitage.recipe.du
		- install python sotwaren using python setup.py install
	- minitage.recipe.egg
		- install python eggs (similar to zc.recipe.egg)
	- minitage.recipe.fetch:
		- Fetch something somewhere using urllib2, bzr, git, hg or svn
	- minitage.recipe.printer
		similar to the buildout.dumppickedversion buildout extension.
	- minitage.recipe.scripts
		- install python eggs and their associated scripts (similar to
	- minitage.recipe.wsgi
		- Construct a mod_wsgi compatible template to serve a Paste configuration

Useless to say that the eggs and cmmi recipes will get in their environment the
dependencies they declared in their 'minibuild'.

From exemple, you have made your project 'p3' depends on libxml2.
During the lxml installation with the minitage.recipe.egg, it would be compiled
and linked with the libxml2 installed via minitage under it's 'dependencies'

Chris Withers a écrit :
> Hi All,
> I have a hair-brained notion of using a buildout to set up an entire
> machine. Has anyone done this before? (Jim, didn't you say ZC do this a
> lot?)
> From where I'm sitting, I'm looking for a few recipes:
> - what's the best download & cmmi recipe out there?
> - what's the best recipe for running other buildouts?
> - is there a recipe available anywhere for installing/removing packages
> using aptitude?
> cheers,
> Chris

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