[Distutils] stdeb-0.3 error

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Tue Sep 22 19:38:30 CEST 2009

Gerry Reno wrote:
> Gerry Reno wrote:
>> I really didn't have to use any stdeb config args or anything. I just
>> created a dir myapp/debian and put a python-myapp.postinst script file
>> in there, ran my bdist_deb command and then installed the .deb and the
>> python-myapp.postinst script ran perfectly. So do I need to be
>> concerned with config args to stdeb? I do see some
>> python-myapp.postinst.debhelper etc. scripts in there but I don't know
>> if those ran.
> So now everything is working on hardy except for the fact that stdeb 0.3
> has to be modified to remove the --single-version-externally-managed
> option. So can you just create a 0.3a version with this small change and
> that could go out to the repositories and be available by default to
> everyone. There does not seem to be any impact that I can see in making
> this change and since so many people create their own install classes
> this would actually prevent conflicts.

I figured out what the reason for --single-version-externally-managed is
-- it is required for namespace packages to function properly. Thus, I
can't remove it, as doing so would be a regression.

However, if you create a patch I can apply against the old-stable branch
that makes this optional, (e.g. set in a similar way as the
--ignore-install-requires option), I can add that and make release
0.3.1. Note also that I'm very close to releasing 0.4, as the 0.3 line
has major problems with Jaunty and later.

Are you planning to submit a patch for the bdist_deb command? I could
include that, too.


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