[Distutils] Distribute 0.6.2 - testing the release - help needed!

Alex Grönholm alex.gronholm at nextday.fi
Wed Sep 23 09:13:23 CEST 2009

Lennart Regebro kirjoitti:
> 2009/9/23 Alex Grönholm <alex.gronholm at nextday.fi>:
>> Yes, but did you or did you not commit such changes to the repository?
> Yes, I did. Martin v Löwis did most of the work, so if you are looking
> for my username you won't find them.
> http://bitbucket.org/tarek/distribute/src/9145ea8b647b/
I'm talking about the changes that would add the three keyword arguments 
to setup() (use_2to3 etc) so we wouldn't have to deal with two different 
Such changes have not yet been committed to Tarek's repo. In my opinion, 
0.6.2 should not be released before this is done.
>> At least easy_install does not have the --user option added, which is
>> necessary for this to work.
> Huh? It's not specifically a part of the Python 3 support, so if it's
> not added I'm not sure why you think the Python 3 support should add
> it. Can you explain what exactly you are trying to do, what you expect
> to happen and what actually happens
I just wanted to install distribute (and other packages as well) as 
non-root so I wouldn't screw up the system in case something went badly 
wrong. You're right of course, about it not being an inherent part of 
Python 3 support.

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