[Distutils] stdeb-0.3 error

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Wed Sep 23 18:31:26 CEST 2009

Gerry Reno wrote:
> Andrew Straw wrote:
>> I saw your patch, but that wasn't what I meant. Disabling
>> --single-version-externally-managed has to be optional, and the argument
>> must continue to be used by default. Simply removing the call will
>> create a regression for namespace packages. Thus, the
>> --single-version-externally-managed should only be removed when someone
>> explicitly asks for it to be removed (because they presumably know what
>> they're doing or are at least aware it may have negative consequences).
>> Hence my suggestion to look at how the --ignore-install-requires works
>> as an example of how to pass an option via the distuils infrastructure.
> I'll look at --ignore-install-requires and send another patch.
OK, great.

>> OK, based on your code I added a "bdist_deb" distutils command to stdeb.
>> I've checked this into the old-stable branch and I'd appreciate it if
>> you can check whether this works for you and send me any comments.
>> Invoke it like this:
>> python -c "import stdeb; excecfile('setup.py')" bdist_deb
> See this was my point of why my 'bdist_deb' belonged as a distutils
> patch and not in stdeb.
> The inherited capabilities, behaviors and invocation style needs to
> follow all the other 'bdist' command types.
> And that means being able to invoke it the same as say 'bdist_rpm' like:
> python setup.py bdist_deb
> or
> python setup.py bdist_deb --<std bdist type arg> ...
> If we start allowing 'bdist' derivative commands to diverge in their
> inherited capabilities, invocation style, and expected behaviors then
> chaos will ensue.
This does have the same invocation style -- if you change your setup.py
to import stdeb. Otherwise, it's still the same invocation style -- you
just have to import stdeb outside the setup.py file.

Also, this version of bdist_deb is never going to make it into the
standard library as it depends on stdeb.

So feel free to make a counter proposal, but I'm inclined to think this
is useful to people as-is and has the benefit of working today.


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