[Distutils] bdist_deb in stdeb

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Mon Sep 28 17:21:51 CEST 2009

Gerry Reno wrote:
> Andrew Straw wrote:
>> Gerry Reno wrote:
>>> Andrew Straw wrote:
>>>> Gerry Reno wrote:
>>>>> Then I'm ok then with having 'bdist_deb' be the name and using the
>>>>> plugin approach.
>>>>> Andrew, what do you think about this solution?
>>>> It's already committed as of a couple days ago in the "old-stable"
>>>> branch and I just merged it into the master branch.
>>>> I'll release 0.3.1 (from the old-stable branch) and 0.4 (from the
>>>> master
>>>> branch) with this soon.
>>>> -Andrew
>>> In reviewing the gerry-reno git branch and the old-stable branch I
>>> don't see where there are any user-options declared in
>>> stdeb/command/bdist_deb.py.  Shouldn't the same user-options be there
>>> as are in sdist_dsc.py?  The 'bdist_deb' command usefulness would be
>>> very limited without the ability to pass options to it and hence to
>>> 'sdist_dsc'.
>> What options do you want to pass to it? bdist_deb does very little other
>> than call dpkg-buildpackage on the result of sdist_dsc.
>> As far as how -- that's standard distutils. You should be able to follow
>> the lead from the sdist_dsc command, for example.
> Well, for starters, we need to be able to pass  the option
> '--ignore-single-version-externally-managed' and beyond that we need
> to pass other options down to sdist_dsc, things like
> '--ignore-install-requires'.
Just pass the arguments directly to sdist_dsc. It should be something
like this:

python setup.py sdist_dsc --ignore-single-version-externally-managed
--ignore-install-requires bdist_deb

This is similar to other distutils cases. For example

python setup.py build_ext --compiler=mingw32 --bdist_wininst

Will do compilation using the mingw compiler and then build a .exe
installer for Windows.

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