[Distutils] bdist_deb in stdeb

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Mon Sep 28 23:13:25 CEST 2009

Gerry Reno wrote:
> What if stdeb only had the command 'bdist_deb' and had no other command.

I will not remove the "sdist_dsc" command from stdeb. I believe that the
ability to produce debian source packages is much more important that
the ability to produce binary packages which only target a single
architecture and version of Debian/Ubuntu. "bdist_deb" is just a trivial
add-on to that saving a couple lines of typing which may be helpful to
people who aren't familiar with those lines. But I see the .dsc and
associated files as much more useful as the compiled .deb files.

> Everything else was taken care of internally.  What then?  Are you
> saying then that it is impossible to pass in any options to
> 'bdist_deb' to affect the generation of the source package?  If true,
> this makes NO SENSE.
I still don't understand why you insist the options are to the bdist_deb
command. What is wrong with passing the options to the sdist_dsc command
where they take effect anyway?

> Yes, I can see that once we got invaded with setuptools it seems you
> really have no other choice.
Hang on a minute. The "st" in stdeb is for "setuptools". While in the
0.4 version this may take a less prominent role, and Distribute might be
able to step in, the ontogeny of stdeb is very much tied up with
setuptools. So I'm not comfortable promoting the idea that there ever
existed stdeb without setuptools. Maybe it can happen in the future --
but it's certainly never happened in the past.

> And getting back to the issue that got skipped:
> Another issue:  In util.py on line 962 (gerry-reno git):
> %(setup_env_vars)spython$* -c "import
> setuptools,sys;f='setup.py';sys.argv[0]=f;execfile(f,{'__file__':f,'__name__':'__main__'})"
> install \\
> Maybe it should be like this (note semicolon splitting line into two
> statements):
> %(setup_env_vars)s;    python$* -c "import
> setuptools,sys;f='setup.py';sys.argv[0]=f;execfile(f,{'__file__':f,'__name__':'__main__'})"
> install \\
> Otherwise any of the env vars don't seem to be in effect for the  line
> itself.   If you put any of the env vars in the line, they don't
> expand to the value set in set_env_vars.  They expand to previous
> value or to null.
For setting environment variables this way, they cannot be separated by
a semicolon.

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