[Distutils] bdist_deb in stdeb

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Tue Sep 29 17:44:16 CEST 2009

Gerry Reno wrote:
> I have attached a replacement 'bdist_deb.py' file that permits passing
> arguments to bdist_deb which in turn passes them down to sdist_dsc.
> and a util.py diff (made against the gerry-reno git branch) makes the
> setup_env_vars work for both the line statements as well as the
> subprocesses.
OK, I committed these to the old-stable branch and merged in the
bdist_deb changes to the master branch. I made some minor changes to
your option to disable --single-version..., the most significant of
which is the name, which is now "--disable..." instead of "--ignore...".
The other is that I'm not using env vars in the debian/rules file -- it
just clutters it up unnecessarily.

I still wonder if the (now named) --disable-single-version... option
actually solves your problem -- you _are_ importing setuptools in the
same line, so I am mystified by this. But anyhow it's now in there and I
don't think it'll cause anyone any harm because it's unlikely they'll
use the option.

I'll probably let this stuff settle for a day or two and then cut new
stdeb releases (0.3.2 and 0.4.1).


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