[Distutils] Change the python interpreter for a recipe

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Thu Aug 19 15:09:00 CEST 2010

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 8:05 AM, Udo Spallek <udono at gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> having a problem with my buildout and like to request some hints.
> I have a buildout which creates a simple python interpreter environment
> like explained in the buildout manual.

So an interpreter script.

> Additionally I use a custom
> script.

Not sure what that is or why it matters.

> My problem is: How can I tell my_recipe to use the (newly created)
> mypython interpreter, instead of using the standard python interpreter?

You can't.

> Or as a workaround: Is there a way to install the custom interpreter
> before the buildout, maybe on bootstrap?

The custom interpreter isn't a true Python installation. Generally,
you aren't going to be able to bootstrap a buildout with it.

Why do you want to do this? What problem are you trying to solve?


Jim Fulton

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