[Distutils] Buildout release news

Reinout van Rees reinout at vanrees.org
Fri Aug 27 21:59:13 CEST 2010

On 08/27/2010 04:12 PM, Gary Poster wrote:
> I realize that a system Python happened to work for you before.
> That's a bit awkward, because with pre-1.5.0 zc.buildout, using a system Python was not supported.
> Therefore, your recipe was not supported.

"my recipe"?  osc.recipe.sysegg is not something that *I* made, I'm just 
using it.  "Is not supported" sounds like a helpdesk telling me "linux 
is not supported".

And "not supported"?  osc.recipe.sysegg installs the specific eggs I 
tell it to find (in the system python) as develop eggs.  A nice trick 
that works pretty well.

> No, but single buildouts are used to install different sections with entirely different requirements, including different Python versions.
>> The current implementation makes it look like every single part that needs the system matplotlib needs to have a configuration for "look in the system for matplotlib".
> Yes, parts are individually installed, per my statement above.

What? I've never ever seen a buildout that has to work with different 
python versions in different parts.  A plone buildout just uses one 
python.  A django buildout, too.  So it sounds to me like some 
impressive over-engineering?

Note, I don't intend to offend with that statement :-)  It's just that 
I'm thinking "I'll stick to 1.4.4 for the next half year and I'll 
re-check whether it all works again afterwards".  And I don't like that 
kind of thought, being that I'm using buildout a lot.  I introduced it 
in my current company.  I (co-)wrote recipes.  So it feels a bit 
dangerous if I'm not happily jumping on the newest version ;-)

Anway... I'll delve deeper into it in one or two weeks :-)


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