[Distutils] Unable to install packages after specifying package version

devyan parmar devyan.parmar at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 11:55:52 CET 2010


i am trying to install package from my packageserver using PIP.

for example:
m trying
/bin/pip install --extra-index-url=http://mypkgserver/devpackage_name==2.4.12b

"2.4.12b" is the version of my package but in package server it is going as
"2.4.12b_1" extra part in version is nothing but a build number which
getting generated from hudson JOB.
is setuptool avoids extra build number which goes with my pcakage version ??
coz if i try to install package it's gives me message "No distributions at
all found ".

is there anything wrong am doing in package version.??

Thanks Regards
Devyan Parmar
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