[Distutils] demo and setup.py

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sat Dec 18 18:35:55 CET 2010

At 02:25 PM 12/18/2010 +0100, Alessandro Dentella wrote:
>i'm new to this list. I hope this question is pertinent to the list, if not
>please address me to a more appropriate one.
>I'd like to understand what is the preferred way to cope with demo
>examples/directory while packaging.
>I have a classic structure
>   sqlkit-N.n/
>             sqlkit/
>             setup.py
>             MANIFEST.in
>             demo/
>My goal would be to have a setup so that 'python setup.py sdist' would
>package also the demo, so that 'python setup.py sdist upload' could be all I
>need to do to publish it. Is this a reasonable goal?

Yes.  Just include demo in your MANIFEST.in.

>  I ask this as I
>wouldn't know where to place the demo in the target installation.

Well, if you just want to package it in the sdist, you don't need to 
have a place to install it.  If the user wants to run the demo, they 
can just run it from the unpacked sdist, no?

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