[Distutils] nailed-down versions by having custom index

Reinout van Rees reinout at vanrees.org
Tue Feb 2 21:44:44 CET 2010

Hi all,

I'd like to do a bit of experimenting with a custom index with only the 
right packages in just the right versions. Some possible advantages I'm 
hoping to see for my usecase:

- Isolation from one of various servers being down (pypi, sourceforge).

- Guaranteed versions even when not using buildout. (Stuff needs "python 
setup.py install" in the system python, apparently, for arcgis/arcview 
on windows to be able to use it).

Personally, I'd just let everyone use buildout, but I think I won't be 
able to get that working with that "install it in site-packages" 
requirement.  (Ideas welcome, of course).

Question: how to maintain such a custom index?

iirc chrism has a script to build an apache-served folder structure from 
a bunch of eggs/tarballs, so just having the tarballs is enough. 
Probably just putting those tarballs in one location is enough anyway.

But how to get the right collection of tarballs in there? Is that a 
by-hand approach? Can you automate it?

Question 2: I thought you could only have one index.  So installing 
something extra from pypi seems out.  How do people handle that?

I'm totally used to buildout and its [versions] list and 
buildout.dumppickedversions and KGS lists, so I need to reset my 
thinking on this a little.  I need some input :-)


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