[Distutils] Distutils roadmap of refactoring for 2.7

David Lyon david.lyon at pythontest.org
Tue Feb 9 02:22:49 CET 2010

> Could you please explain what the problem is you're complaining about
> instead of assuming everyone knows the details by heart? The only
> reference I saw to 'i386' in PEP 345 is in the section about Environment
> markers and that only refers to the CPU architecture in a test for CPU
> architecture (platform.machine == 'i386') which seems reasonable to me.


What I'm showing is a snippet of what the file
will look like.

What we will have is different ways of referencing
the one operating system.

There's one set of constants for Platform, and another
set of constants for requires-dist.

That breaks the 'one way of doing things' rule.

---------- Metadata snippet ------------------------
Platform: MacOS
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Requires-Dist: pywin32 (>1.0); sys.platform == 'win32'

But, if it has to be, then it has to be.

It's just an inconsistent way of doing this, using
different constants in the one file to have the
same meaning.


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