[Distutils] Changing bdist_rpm locations to conform to other rpm packaging

Stanley A. Klein sklein at cpcug.org
Mon Feb 15 21:31:42 CET 2010

I'm trying to build rpms for some Python packages located in an svn
repository.  I would prefer to use the same locations for builds and
results as for non-Python rpm packages.

I can set --rpm-base=$HOME/rpmbuild and some of the process happens in
subdirectories of rpmbuild, but in the end, the source rpms are moved from
rpmbuild/SRPMS to a dist directory under the package home, the binary rpms
are moved from rpmbuild/RPMS to the same directory, and the tar.gz are
similarly moved.  I would prefer to have everything created as part of the
build remain in the rpmbuild directory.

How can I prevent files from being stored back in the svn repository as a
result of the package build?

Stan Klein

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