[Distutils] setuptools and additional scripts handling

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Feb 16 19:38:25 CET 2010

At 04:37 PM 2/16/2010 +0100, Manlio Perillo wrote:
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>P.J. Eby ha scritto:
> > At 02:23 PM 2/16/2010 +0100, Manlio Perillo wrote:
> >> Is it possible to declare a custom directory where some of the scripts
> >> needs to be installed?
> >
> > No.  However, you can always create a script whose job is to symlink
> > your other scripts to the appropriate cron directory, and ask your users
> > to run it after installation.
> >
>Can't this be done inside setup.py?

You could make a setup command, or customize the "install" command, 
but neither of these things would affect easy_install or pip.

If you allow the scripts to be installed to standard locations, then 
they will contain the correct interpreter, and will only need to be 
symlinked to the cron.hourly or cron.daily or whatever else it is 
you're wanting to do.

(Heck, if what you've got is a singleton application of some sort, 
you could potentially just have it check at startup that the cron 
scripts are symlinked, and let the user know about the problem.)

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