[Distutils] include special filetypes and subdirectories

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Feb 19 02:04:30 CET 2010

At 01:34 AM 2/19/2010 +0100, Assem Chelli wrote:
>how to change setup.py to include special filetypes and subdirectories
>recursively in python eggs

Option 1: Put them under revision control using CVS, Subversion, or 
any revision control system that has a setuptools plugin (in which 
case, you'll need the plugin installed in your development 
environment).  Then, add 'include_package_data=True' in your setup() call.

Option 2: Use the package_data setup() argument (see the distutils 
docs), and explicitly list the files and directories to 
include.  This is not recursive, but will also work with plain distutils.

Option 3: Use a MANIFEST.in file (see the distutils docs) and specify 
the directories to include, and also place 
'include_package_data=True' in your setup() call.

Of these, option 1 is generally the "best" option since it doesn't 
require you to maintain information in two or more places; the files 
are included as a side effect of your ordinary development practices, 
as long as you're using a revision control system.

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