[Distutils] current preferred way to specify dependencies? future?

Carl Meyer carl at dirtcircle.com
Wed Jan 6 17:07:30 CET 2010

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Hi John,

Isn't distutils-sig fun? Ask a simple question, get a recycled rant that
doesn't answer your question... ;-)

John Gabriele wrote:
> I'm a bit confused myself... PEP-345 says it "describes a mechanism
> for adding metadata to Python packages", but I think they really mean
> "distributions" (the things available at the PyPI).

IMO you're right, that word ought to be "distributions", though those
terms often aren't used with as clear a distinction as I'd prefer.

> Also, it looks like pep345 describes what fields can go into a
> PKG-INFO file, but not how you get them in there. AFAIK, I'm not
> supposed to write my own PKG-INFO file -- setup.py does it for me.
> What I'm really asking about here is, what args go in the `setup()`
> call in the `setup.py` file?

I'm not aware that the corresponding setup() args are documented in a
PEP anywhere (hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong). Perhaps
they should be. Following the principle of least surprise I would assume
they would be requires_dist, provides_dist, etc, and would take lists of
strings, in the same format as in the PEP (name followed by version spec
in parenths).

The PEP 345 options are named with -Dist suffix precisely because they
name distributions. PEP 314 (which 345 obsoletes) had "Requires",
"Provides" etc, but they named packages/modules. Those never got much
use and are now considered a mistake, which is why they are being
replaced with the *-Dist markers.

> If my FooBar-0.1.0 distribution depends upon packages and modules in
> CoolStuff-2.0.0 and ReallyNeatStuff-1.5.5, what's the current best way
> to say so, and what's going to be the standard going forward?

The current most-often-used way to say so is to the setuptools-specific
argument install_requires=['CoolStuff==2.0.0', 'ReallyNeatStuff==1.5.5']
(though that's being perhaps a bit more precise with the version
specifiers than you'd really want to be). Obviously that's only
supported if you use setuptools. The standard going forward will
hopefully be PEP 345.

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