[Distutils] [Catalog-sig] packaging terminology confusion

Stephen Waterbury waterbug at pangalactic.us
Fri Jan 8 16:51:27 CET 2010

Barry Warsaw wrote:
> I wish there was a humorous, ironic name for the service that is evocative of
> the Python language's original conceit.  Something that at first glance says
> "we should have lots of tasty morsels to offer here", then "oh, sorry, the
> cat's eaten them".  The irony of course being that indeed we /do/ have lots of
> delicious comestibles for peckish Pythonistas to consume.  Something much
> catchier that can't be confused with a homonym for an entirely different
> project in the Python world.
> venezuelan-beaver-cheese-ly y'rs,
> -Barry

Yes, I too wish we had such a name ... hmmm ...  :)
That would give us a whole domain of names for packaging
concepts ... of course, things might become a bit cheesy at
that point!  ;)

"Blessed are the cheese-makers!"  :D

maybe-its-south-american-beavers-in-generally y'rs,

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