[Distutils] Finishing PEP 345

David Lyon david.lyon at preisshare.net
Mon Jan 11 06:45:10 CET 2010


> It states in PEP 345 that "the OS and CPU for which the binary
> distribution was compiled" is described in the Supported-Platform field.

Yeah.. it does...

But the CPU in common use today is the 80586.

Renamed for marketing reasons to be the Pentium(tm)

So it is not technically correct to say compiled on a 'i386'
when it was actually compiled on a 80586.

Most Windows developers know they are using 80586 processors.

Most Windows users abandoned the 80386 processors a long time

The 80586 (pentium) gained a FPU, faster memory pipe-lining
and other blah-blah features.

I have an idea.. Why can't Windows users have the 'i586' notation
and Mac users have 'i386' if they are so happy with the i386 tag.

That should keep users happy here.


Please - let reality stay in this discussion. Reality is
not irrelevant.


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