[Distutils] current preferred way to specify dependencies? future?

David Lyon david.lyon at preisshare.net
Tue Jan 12 02:01:07 CET 2010


> py> import platform
> py> platform.machine()
> 'i686'
> 'i686' maps very well to a real machine on the market, namely to the
> machine on which I'm typing this right now.


When I run the same thing:

  >import platform

So what is being proposed isn't very repeatable.

>>> Whereas using the built-in platform identification mechanism
>>> would be extremely difficult?

Difficult for developers to predict other environments.

One reason is the lack of clear documentation.

I'm only asking for clearer documentation.

> If you don't like the values that Python reports, get Python
> fixed. The PEP will then fix itself automatically, the way
> it is specified.

Ok. That will work for future versions.

But it generates a nightmare scenario for application developers
installing on existing python installations. Their knowledge
must increase to be the same as your knowledge.

That is unfair.

> I disagree that the values Python reports are erroneous. They
> indicate fairly reliably the relevant characteristics of the
> system Python runs on.

But what is happening is that we are bypassing metadata by
including system calls.

That *ain't* metadata.

That is an error.


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