[Distutils] Platform naming standardization

David Lyon david.lyon at preisshare.net
Wed Jan 13 00:56:34 CET 2010

> Hi,
> I'm involved with a software project that makes extensive use of third
> party modules with C extensions...
> setuptools uses distutils.util.get_platform() to ...
> ..
> ..
> It's not even crucial to me that these be fixed, but before I continue
> to hack up the platform string, I wanted to ask the SIG to address these
> issues and hopefully decide on a standard.  That way, I can at least
> implement patches in my app that will be compatible with whatever (if
> anything) is decided.

I think you are going to have to hack for now..

In fact, everyone is just having a good old hack at it..

distutils started as a hack.. and it is maybe getting cleaned
up now - but it was a hack for such a long time.

If you hack.. you'll be in good company. It's what everyone
is doing. You're on the right list.


> To ease installation, we pre-build
> them for some popular platforms and provide a distribution system for
> the app to fetch them.

very modern..

Can you divulge the name of your project? I'd like to
look at your hacking..


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