[Distutils] [Catalog-sig] packaging terminology confusion

Michael fuzzyman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 02:48:51 CET 2010


On 13 Jan 2010, at 01:14, Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn <zooko at zooko.com> wrote:

>> When you have a release ready, what do you do with it? You  
>> 'package' it, of course. You don't 'project' it, and you don't  
>> 'parcel' it. What is the result of the 'packaging' activity? It's a  
>> 'package' of course.
> Bingo!  And, this is true regardless of whether you're working on a  
> project written in Python or in another language or in a combination  
> of languages.

That's just semantics - rephrase it a nd you get a different result.  
When you build a release are you building a package? No - you're  
building a release.


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