[Distutils] C extension modules

Torsten Mohr tmohr at s.netic.de
Thu Jan 28 00:51:03 CET 2010


thank you all for your hints.  I've created a setup.py and can compile my C++ 
extension module now.

> > Also, i use libjpeg, libtiff and libpng.  Can i portably test for
> > presence and version of these libs on Linux, Windows and other OSes?
> Not really.  There is distutils.ccompiler.find_library_file() and
> friends which you might put to good use, but I've never seen it being
> used or used it myself.  And it's quite complicated to get a usable
> instance of CCompiler, expect to read distutils source.
> But generally you can just use the platform default includes and then
> it will simply fail to compile if they're not present.

But when using:

libraries = [ 'jpeg', 'png', 'tiff']

Then the dynamic libraries are linked, which i not necessarily want.
Using names line libjpeg.a seems to work but is not portable.

In distutils.ccompiler it seems in CCompiler() there is something like 
"library_filename()", has anybody got an example?  Or is there a better 

Best regards,

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